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How to find the best ghostwriting company for my book?

Is your mind crammed with interesting information, perhaps a fantastical world of its own, with no outlet? 

Do you want to tell your story? Feeling as if…. IT MUST BE TOLD?

But you don’t know how to start writing your book. Or maybe you do, but you don’t have either the time or you have started but don’t know how to continue. 

Multiple questions may weigh heavy on your mind as you wonder:

  • How long should my book be?
  • What should my book’s formatting, layout, and structure be like?
  • What should the tone of my book’s content be?
  • Should I use real names?
  • What about copyrights? ISBN? Publishing?

I get it. Those are a lot of questions. Luckily, the solution is simple.

As you may know by now, the answer is, ghostwriting services.

Many, in fact, most published authors like the greatest of the great, hire an anonymous, faceless, man or woman, if not both, writer to write their book. This anonymous writer, who is called a ghostwriter, is a specialist, is experienced, and sometimes, even a best-selling writer, and the company behind it is a ghostwriting service provider.

They have a way with words, so to speak. A great ghostwriter sits down with you or talks to you over the phone and elegantly presents your often scrambled, thoughts and emotions on paper.

What’s all this noise behind “Ghostwriting?”

Ghostwriting refers to the idea or the process where someone writes something on someone else’s behalf. It is common in the literary and journalistic fields, including books, articles, blogsspeeches, etc, where the other person who did not write it, receives credit for the work. It is a mutual understanding that the writer will be well-compensated for the work he produces, but once he hands over his work to the respective contractor, he will have no rights, claims, or ownership over it, unless agreed upon. The money paid to the ghostwriter is often paid upfront, throughout the process, and in some cases, sharing the book’s royalty.

But is ghostwriting legal? Is it ethical?

Yes, getting ghostwriting services is completely legal and ethical. However, to eliminate any confusion around ghostwriting, here are a few cases for consideration.

Ghostwriting is technically legal because it follows a legally binding contract (written, verbal, or implied), formed willingly between two parties:

  • Ideally, the best ghostwriters agree to produce writings in the forms of books, articles, blogs, etc, under the direction, guidance and supervision of the contractor and agree that he will have no future rights or claims over it.
  • The contractor agrees to compensate the ghostwriter reasonably for his efforts.
  • Academic ghostwriting services, where students hire ghostwriters to write their projects, thesis papers or dissertations is the reason why ghostwriting sometimes gets a bad rep. Even then, it’s not illegal, it’s just cheating. Which is obviously wrong.

Be it fictionnon-fictionmemoir or a biography that you aim to publish in your name – great ghostwriters are usually experts in their niches and can do wonders for you! 

How common is ghostwriting?

More than you can imagine.

We often read books, or watch movies based on them, and think “Wow! The author must have some imagination!” Whereas the truth of the matter is simply that they hire a whole team of ghostwriters who work day and night, brainstorming for unique ideas to make the service worth it for the author! Since they get paid off for their work, the author then gets to have all the credit.

Most authors do not make this information public; to maintain their credibility and ownership of the book.

Initially, Ghostwriting services couldn’t make the cut and was an alien concept for many, only until people realized they could save time and energy with additional writing help.

Research now attests that almost 40% of the books published are ghostwritten, some even from your favorite authors. Another research confirms that 50% of the memoirs listed in New York times bestseller lists are written by ghostwriters. 

“Makes sense, but why should I hire a ghostwriter?”

The question is why one might need a ghostwriter. Well, the answer is quite simple, to make the task of writing a book easy, achievable, and rewarding for you.

You just have to brief your ideas and visualizations as best as you can – and the process will become manageable and straightforward with a ghostwriter.

Jobs can be demanding and creativity can become a victim of burnout, leaving little to no time at our disposal. However, you need not worry as professional ghostwriting services can set the pace for your author’s journey.

If you’re still wondering why you should hire a ghostwriter: the answer is simple. Ghostwriting services are meant to help people who have great ideas for books but lack the time, motivation or consistency to actually write them down. Plus, a specialist who does this for a living can portray your ideas better than you who may not have the profound ability to write.

There are a lot of great ghostwriters available in the market who can really transform your ideas into bestselling books. They certainly have a way with words and can put your ideas into captivating words – knitting the most engaging phrases and captivating stories through them. 

How to find the best ghostwriter?

Now that we’ve concluded how ghostwriting can make life easy, we must figure out how to find the best ghostwriting services provider who are both a creative geek and a writing maniac, as well as easy on the pocket.

It’s easy to feel confused when finding a ghostwriter for hire, and the many checks on their credibility, creative quality, and skills can extend the hiring process.

When shortlisting a ghostwriting agency, screen their portfolio to understand how best they can align their services with your writing goals. 

Let’s simplify the key points of consideration for finding the best ghostwriting company for your book. 

Your Guide To Finding The Best Ghostwriting Company.

There are a number of ghostwriting companies on the internet, as well as some independent ghostwriters on freelancing platforms such as Upwork, and of course social media. 

One of the major problems is that most of these companies have sub-par performance standards compared to their competition, and often house unoriginal writers with not many diverse writing approaches. 

You can always ask for samples, their best-sellers; but there is a good chance they will send you someone else’s work; and really, there is no way to know who actually wrote it.

Finding the best ghostwriting agency is like trimming the garden, we start off by first, eliminating the weed. 

Writers of the West offers ghostwriting as well as a team of artists who can customize the book to your specifications.

Stay away from ghostwriting companies that charge an arm and a leg. Literally.

The price for an arm in Alabama starts from around $47,000. 

Many of these ghostwriting companies based in the U.S have a price point much greater than the worth of your arm. While they may provide decent writing services, the service as a whole is highly overpriced.

“Our book writing packages start from “$15,000 to up to $80,000 and…..”

If someone offers this price to you, hang up the phone. Or just get up and leave. You could buy a beach-front apartment in the Carribean for that price.

Book writing services does not cost that much. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not interested in anything but filling their own pockets with the cash you should never have paid them.

We all deserve to tell our story to the world. That does not mean you should empty your bank account in doing so.

And it’s not that you’re going to get a best-selling writer if you pay that much; any company that claims as such is a big fat liar. (Not that there is anything wrong with being fat.)

Not just writing services, be it book editing services, Self-publishing services, book covers, book marketing, book video trailers, and so on, all these services cost much lower than you think.

Experienced, professional, writers of your particular genre can be hired to write your story for a much better price. “But what type of ghostwriter should I go for?”

Physical Ghostwriters vs Remote ghostwriters

While physical ghostwriters sit down with you to interview you and then write your storyremote ghostwriters often conduct their interviews on the phone and then write weekly chapters, sending every draft to the author for revisions before writing further.

While you might think that if “I hire a ghostwriter who sits with me to write down my story, that’d be so cool!” Such writers charge crazy amounts of money, and not only do you pay for the writing they do for you but also the time they spend listening, assessing, and compiling.

Remote ghostwriters, on the other hand, have a much more reasonable service fee, they speak to you on the phone, are well versed in knowing how to get you to talk in detail about your life experiences (in the case of a biography) and charge a much lower fee. 

There is no need to have your ghostwriter sit with you and have constant meetings with him/her, as this is a very expensive route and would cost you more than $40k. On the other hand, a good remote ghostwriting company, would not charge more than $4k for the same service.

So what is a good price to hire a ghostwriter?

A good price point for a 150 pager book should be within the $1500 to $4000 range regardless of the genre. For unlimited pages, the MAXIMUM price, should never ever be more than $10k. 10k is the absolute highest, given that the project requirements are special and require a lot of research.

So should I just hire a freelance ghostwriter to write my book?

While that doesn’t really empty the pocket, all in all, the answer is NO.

Naturally, your first instinct would lead you to look for a freelancer on google, which will lead you to top freelancing platforms such as from FiverrUpworkGuruPeople per hour and so on, and while the listed book ghostwriters may seem a good fit for the job, their services are limited. 

With a professional ghostwriting agency, you could opt for final editing and proofreading service, or self-publishing services after the completion of your book. 

There are multiple reasons you should work with a ghostwriting agency rather than a freelance ghostwriter:

  1. Most ghostwriting companies offer a 24/7 project manager.
  2. Most writing services providers assign a quality assurance executive who monitors every draft sent to the author for quality and compliance checks, and have a convenient writing process as well as well-researched content creation plans.
  3. Ghostwriting companies is well versed in how to present an idea that would sell. Freelance ghostwriters do not know much about the publishing world.
  4. Many ghostwriting agencies offer cover designing, copyright certificates from USCOAuthor websitesVideo trailers, book marketing, etc.
  5. Freelancers are not necessarily registered with a government body, and fraud is quite likely to happen.
  6. Book Writing services providers, at least the reputable ones, sign a legal contract and an NDA, to ensure the confidentiality and ownership of your work.

Beware of Foreign ghostwriting companies!

A lot of agencies are providing ghostwriting services in the U.S remotely though they are based in Southern Asia. Countries like India, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, and also Africa. While there is nothing wrong in getting your book written by these companies, the quality can often be not as great, and they lack knowledge of how to successfully ghostwrite a book and publish it successfully in nations such as the U.S, Canada, and the U.K.

Not just that, many of these companies may be involved in fraud and care about nothing but getting money off of you. You’d be lucky if you’d get even one chapter written from them. Always make sure to check reviews of the company on places such as Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, and 

Not necessarily BBB, as the better business bureau is always just a $300 subscription away for these companies to get BBB accredited, and any company with a fraudulent intent can get this accreditation. Trust pilot and google reviews however are much more transparent.

Now that we have a better understanding of what goes on in the market, we can get to the final resolution.

What sort of ghostwriting company should I hire?

The key is to hire a ghostwriting service company based in the U.S or Canada, that have writers on a contractual, freelance basis. This way, the ghostwriting agency would not have to pay a fixed salary to their ghostwriters, and hence, offer a much better price point to their customers. Such a company also builds a team of great writers and thoroughly screens its ghostwriters before bringing them onboard.

Because such companies hire ghostwriters on a freelance, individual project basis, they pay them per-project/per-word/per-page basis and hence, offer their customers an economical, reasonable price point.

So who are some of the best ghostwriting agencies?

You can choose from some of the growing ghost-writing companies, such as The Writers Of The WestVox GhostwritingElite Authors, and Urban writers. Some of these are known for the creative value they offer to aspiring clients, through their writing expertise and customer service ethos.

From ideation to final delivery, their storytelling approach backs their in-depth research abilities, raw concepts, coherent excerpts, and service excellence.

Some of the best ghostwriting agencies offer a dynamic range of book writing services to streamline the process for authors, including writing, editing, publishing, book cover designing, printing and distribution. In addition to that, their exposure in terms of portfolio and clientele gives them a competitive edge. Each of them possesses years of profound experience and knows exactly how to transform your ideas into words that speak the exact same thing you wish to deliver.

Due to their vast portfolios, they have more creative room to offer new authors suggestions and ideas and help them build on their existing ideas. When looking for a ghostwriting agency, always aim for a fresh perspective in their approach – the most focused their approach, the better the outcome will be. 

Be ready to openly communicate your book idea, blog, or article, and give the ghostwriting agency a chance to improvise it for you, from a professional point of view.

Don’t just write your book, write your success, for your success.

Remember: Hire a ghostwriting firm that can deliver a powerful and impactful story, convey meaning and purpose, and help you build connections with your readers.

By the way, what are some famous ghostwritten books?

If, by any chance, you’re thinking: “Do any of these ghostwritten books ever make it to the headlines?” Quite frankly they do, unless they are poorly written or lack creative value. Some of your famous books have been ghostwritten, such as:

These books didn’t just become famous. They leveraged all that ghostwriting has to offer, like the quality of writing, timely releases, and consistency. 

Many other books have made it to the headlines, and it isn’t difficult to find the same rhythm for yours. If your idea has that depth, you can easily work together with an experienced ghostwriter and aim for bestseller status.

You’d also be surprised to find out about other famous celebrities who took help from ghostwriters to get their ideas and messages across to a huge audience of avid readers. Famous and renowned political figures like Barack Obama and John F. Kennedy have relied on ghostwriters every now and then to help them in their political campaigns and their goal of influencing the masses. 

Did you know that professional ghostwriting isn’t limited to the literary world? The iconic singer, Elton Johns, also had help writing his song lyrics with ghostwriters and creative lyricists.

We wrote this blog because we wanted to write the truth, and could not find any other literature online that duly diagnosed the nature of book ghostwriting in detail. I hope you enjoyed it. If you are looking for ghostwriting, editing, publishing, or anything related, contact the best: (Us) 😉 Our writing service vows to do justice to your story.

For any questions and queries, feel free to get in touch.


Hosanna Flores

Hosanna Flores

Senior book Editor at Writers of the West with over a decade of experience in ghostwriting best selling self-help and children's book.

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