writersofthewest A Ghostwriting & Publishing service that vows to do justice to your story.

Ghostwriting service that vows to do justice to your story.

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From writing to editing, publishing to printing, our ghostwriting service vows to do justice to your Story.
Who are Writers of the West?
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Writers of the West are a Book service provider based in Houston. Having written 170+ best sellers in the last decade in more than 10 genres, our vision is to provide a ghostwriting service that makes a difference. We believe everyone has a story to tell, be it the story of their life or a fiction of the mind. Over the last decade, we have helped more than 2500 aspiring authors to tell their story. As Ghostwriters, we document your story in a book, allowing you to reflect on your life, for others to learn and inspire, to earn via books sales, and for your story to live on, forever! Our team consists of ghostwriters from 15 different nations and take pride in the brand we’ve built over the last decade. We want to help you write, edit, print, publish and market your book, all under your name. Plus, our service costs are less than half of anyone else in the market. That is how much we believe in the power of your story!
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What Do We Do?


Best-Selling specialized ghostwriters for hire from different backgrounds.

Audio books

A huge variety of voices and styles!


Publishing services for books, sold globally on 20+ publishers, distributors, and libraries and retailers.

Editing Books

Book editing services, proofreading, typesetting, formatting, indexing, layout and presentation.


Book marketing services to get you that best-seller status!

Author Website

Build your own online identity with a stellar website: Sell books, write blogs and build a fan-base!

Video Trailers

High-end Book Video Trailers.


Book printing services to print your book at the best price-point!

Draft Evaluation

Get an expert opinion from a best-selling writer!

We create art.

Our book ghostwriters have achieved countless best sellers over the past decade. Be it the price point or the quality of the product, if you’re looking to hire a ghostwriter, we have a solution.

This is how we do it.

Our professional ghostwriters follow a tried and tested process that ensures your story gets the justice it deserves. We are also one of the few ghostwriting companies that work solely on the author’s pace.

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Where we publish your book.
What do authors have to say?

In an era where company’s write reviews for themselves, we use real reviews from real people. Writers of the West successfully ranks as one of the top 10 companies for ghostwriting, editing and publishing services for books, book marketing, and you’re more than welcome to join the team!

Who will you work with?

You don’t just hire a ghostwriter with us; you get a whole team dedicated to set you up for success!

best ghost writers for hire at writers of the west

Senior Ghostwriter

Your writer will be your new best friend. A ghostwriter is assigned based on the writer’s story, background, and preference.

project manager for ghostwriting

Project manager

Available 24/7 for your service.
best ghost writers for hire at writers of the west


For all your design and art needs.

best ghost writers for hire at writers of the west


For all publishing needs.
best ghost writers for hire at writers of the west

Quality Assurance

To analyze and mantain quality content.
Who pens it all down?
issac mckineey ghostwriter for hire at Writers of the West
Issac Mckinney Author | Professor | Physician

Issac Mckinney, MD, MACP, is a Professor at the School of Medicine at University of Houston and writes biographies, having been working with Writers of the West as a freelance ghostwriter for 4+ years.

ROBERTA MICHELSEN ghostwriter for hire at Writers of the West
Brienna Burroughs Author

A once child with a wild imagination, Brienna has been a lover of mind-bending fiction and work with Writers of the West offering ghostwriting and book editng services.

Marcus Romulus ghostwriter for hire at Writers of the West
Marcus Romulus Author | Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker | Health & Lifestyle Expert

A nature lover at heart and a madman with the pen. A health and nutritiion expert and offers ghostwriting services for almost 2 decades, now works as a senior ghostwriter at Writers of the West.

Samuel Bridgerton ghostwriter for hire at Writers of the West
Samuel Bridgerton Author

Samuel Bridgerton is a best-selling American writer of over 13 romance novels. He has both a B.A. and M.A. in English Literature from the University of Arizona and works with Writers of the west as a senior editor.

Margaret wells ghostwriter for hire at Writers of the West
Margaret Wells Author | Illustrator

Margaret Wells is an American writer and illustrator of children's books. Anonymous at heart, some of her ghostwritten books are truly one of the best written books in the world, as she works at Writers of the West for the past 5 years.

Natalia Coldwater ghostwriter for hire at Writers of the West
Natalia Coldwater Author | Psychologist | Educator Career | Counselor | Blogger

Natalia Coldwater is an author of speculative fiction short stories and novels who lives and writes in Brooklyn, NY and been with Writers of the West as a top ghostwriter for more then 2 years.

Robet whitehead ghostwriter for hire at Writers of the West
Damien Campbell Author | Journalist | Historian | Political Commentator

Damien Campbell was born in August 1978, in Englewood, New Jersey, and grew up in Rockport, Massachusetts, becoming one of the best self-help ghostwriters with Writers of the West.

Bob levitt ghostwriter for hire at Writers of the West
Bob Levitt Author | Teacher | Spur Award for Best Juvenile Fiction | Edgar Award for Best Young Adult

Bob Levitt is the author of nineteen novels for upper elementary, middle school and young adult readers, as well as two picture book stories and just an excellent ghostwriter for anyone to hire while working with Writers of the West.

best ghost writers for hire at writers of the west
Robert Whitehead Author | Sociologist | Chess Player

Robert Whitehead is an American socialogist and book writer. He is the Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia and an experienced writer in the ghostwriting industry, having been with Writers of the West for 6 years.

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