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Writers of the West is a publishing and ghostwriting provider based in Los Angeles and Houston
"Can I hire someone to write a book for me?" is a query often posed by individuals with a story to tell but who may require professional assistance to bring their ideas to fruition.vide quality book publishing services
"Can I hire someone to help me write a book?" is a common question asked by many aspiring authors seeking assistance in bringing their stories to life.lish the book and put it out for the world to read
The professional book writing service helped the aspiring author turn their rough manuscript into a polished and engaging novel that garnered praise from readers and critics alike.
Book Publishing Services.

Our All-in-one book publishing services vow to do justice to your story and put it out there for the world to read.

While cheap ghostwriting services may seem tempting, it's crucial to ensure the quality of the work doesn't suffer in the process.
Why Choose us to publish your book?

Besides being customer-centric and a top rated  publishing company for consecutive years, here’s why we are best fit for the job:


Keen focus on adapting the author’s tone and style.

100% ownership and royalties to the author.

Affordable, monthly payment plans (Self-paced program)

Book’s distribution access to all major book stores and libraries.

Publishing with major publishers of every region of the world.

Writers of the West
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While cheap ghostwriting services may seem tempting, it's crucial to ensure the quality of the work doesn't suffer in the process.
Where we publish your Book.
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Where we publish your book.

While cheap ghostwriting services may seem tempting, it's crucial to ensure the quality of the work doesn't suffer in the process.
Our Best-selling Published books.

We take pride in being the best book publishing services provider; have achieved countless best sellers over the past decade. Be it the price point or the quality of the product, if you’re looking to hire a book publishing company, we have a solution.

While cheap ghostwriting services may seem tempting, it's crucial to ensure the quality of the work doesn't suffer in the process.

Our Book Publishing Services include:

Our affordable book publishing services follow a tried and tested process that ensures your story gets the justice it deserves. We are also one of the few yet best book publishing companies that work solely on the author’s pace and budget.

Many authors appreciate affordable fiction ghostwriting services, allowing them to bring their stories to life without breaking the bank.

Unlimited Revisions

Make as many changes as you like, we practice patience!

Ghostwriting services USA are known for delivering plagiarism-free content on time, ensuring the highest quality writing.

0% Plagiarism

Original Content guaranteed.

Discovering how to hire someone to write a book for you and ensuring a 24/7 operation for the project can lead to efficient and timely book completion.

A 24/7 Project Manager

Available to cater to your project’s need.

When you hire someone to write a book for you, expect fast deliveries of every draft, ensuring a swift and efficient collaboration.

Weekly Deliveries

We ensure a guarantee on timely deliveries of every draft.

There is no shortage of freelance ghostwriters for hire, making it easier than ever to find the right writer for your project.

Quality Check

Nothing moves forward without thorough assessment.

Learning how to hire a ghostwriter for a book is an essential step for aspiring authors seeking professional assistance.

Publishing Consultancy

Ask away!

Learning how to hire a book writer is essential for successful rapport building in the world of publishing.

Focused Correspondence

Keen on strong follow ups and rapport building.

I decided to hire a ghostwriter for the book I've been dreaming of writing.

Formatting & Interior Design

We create art, and ensure justice on every piece of work.

While cheap ghostwriting services may seem tempting, it's crucial to ensure the quality of the work doesn't suffer in the process.

We Write it, you own it.

The author was determined to produce a literary masterpiece, so they turned to premium book writing services to ensure every word was carefully crafted and the story was brought to life in the most exceptional way possible.ostwriting services and claim that all the royalities and ownership belongs to you
While cheap ghostwriting services may seem tempting, it's crucial to ensure the quality of the work doesn't suffer in the process.

Why work with Writers of the West?

We Match you with yourself.

Writers of the West have one of the biggest ghostwriting networks globally; as our writers are mostly contractual based freelancers from a range of greatly diverse backgrounds. The diversity of these writer’s ranges from natives from 32+ states in USA, to more than 15+ ... countries globally. Including many European countries, Canada, Australia, and the Asian continent. That being said, almost every ghost writing service you come across will say that “no matter who you are, we will match a writer based on your story” when in reality they have only 5-10 people sitting in an office; all the same people, doing the same thing. But when we say we provide ghost writing services and that we will match a writer with you, we have the diversity and the professional ghost writing services needed to guarantee to do justice to your story.

A unique payment plan system.

Our affordable ghostwriting services are just as competitive as anyone else: we have payment plans available for any and all budgets. Most of the top companies will either ask you for an arm and a leg, while other offshore fraudulent firms who to do it for pennies: only offer to ... vanish when you pay. Our book ghostwriters for hire not only offer a great price point, but also payment plans to break it down with 0% interest. That’s not it: our ghostwriter service also offers a self-paced program where you can pay as you go, continuing the project when you’re comfortable with no deadlines and such burdens, offering a smooth and convenient journey to become a published author, globally.

Global Publishing in 20+ Countries.

We don’t just offer book writing services and publish on Amazon, we publish with major digital stores across not just the USA but Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Germany, England, India, and many more. We also ... make your book available for distribution to all book stores and libraries in most major countries. To top it all off, we can also get you in bookstores if that tickles your fancy. All in all, with our professional ghostwriting service, the sky is the limit when you choose us as your publishing partner.

We Write it, you own it.

We provide book writing services, you own the content, as we have no claim over your book. And we are not just talking about ownership of the book, but your royalties, all belong to you, we are simply paid a budget-friendly fee for our affordable ghostwriting service and do the whole job ... for you, under your name. We copyright the book for you under your name in 3 different ways, list you with the library of congress, and also handle any legalities, should that come about.

A 24/7 + Lifetime Service offer.

Our commitment to you extends far beyond project completion. Our book writing service and availability continue for you for a lifetime. Unlike any other firm in our decade of experience, who can’t wait to wrap up your project and move on, we prioritize your lasting satisfaction. ... We have a dedicated project manager available during the day, and their assistant will be working a night shift, just so they can also respond to you during the night! It doesn’t matter when you want to talk or how long it’s been since we’ve talked; professional ghostwriting services are just the beginning. Ask us anything, get revisions done for the same book, perhaps a cover revamp, chit-chat, marketing strategies – you name it. We don't just offer a transaction; we offer a partnership that lasts a lifetime, solidifying us as your unwavering ghostwriting and publishing partner.

A service that vows to make a difference.

We are different from every other tech company in this industry simply because: we were never in this to make money unlike all these other firms: just a bunch of writers who decided to help people tell their stories and before we realized, we ...had so much word of mouth and authors coming in that we decided to expand & grow, making it official. It’s been over a decade now, we’ve expanded offices from Houston to Los Angeles and now New York, and we’ve never looked back! Our approach is driven by a passion for book writing services, not just monetary gains, setting us apart in an industry often overshadowed by financial motives, making us the best ghostwriting services provider online!

While cheap ghostwriting services may seem tempting, it's crucial to ensure the quality of the work doesn't suffer in the process.

Our Values.

Buisness build itself when you focus on your customer, and that has been our vision throughout this journey. Writers of the West are confident in there ability to provide a book writing and publishing experience unlike anyone else in the market!

To build their profile and stand out, they decided to hire a book writer.


We are the most diverse group you’d find anywhere, and love to work with likewise people who dare to stand out!

Many people have lived to tell their stories, but can I hire someone to write a book for me?

Veterans & Seniors

To those who were awake while we were sleep, as well as those who have lived to tell there tale, we are here to tell your stories with extra compassion and financial support!

You can hire someone to write a book for you and must focus on giving equal opportunity to young blood

Young Blood

It often gets hard out there for the young ones, and we focus on giving them an equal opportunity; talent has no age!

While cheap ghostwriting services may seem tempting, it's crucial to ensure the quality of the work doesn't suffer in the process.

What do authors have to say?

In an era where company’s write reviews for themselves, we use real reviews from real people. Writers of the West successfully ranks as one of the top companies for publishing and marketing books, and you’re more than welcome to join the team!

While cheap ghostwriting services may seem tempting, it's crucial to ensure the quality of the work doesn't suffer in the process.


Your assigned project manager with us will be someone who has gone through extensive training in the same regard. They know how to get you talking, what to talk about, how to help you navigate your thoughts, and generally, they have experience in the ability to judge the conversation and the person they are speaking with. If they have to lead the conversation they will, and vice versa.

There are numerous factors in the cost of the project: the level of expertise needed to write the book, (let’s say a biography vs a technical book) then how long the book is actually going to be, (we will assess this when we first talk to you) then whether you need additional services from formatting, indexing, typesetting, to publishing, printing and marketing. To give you a range, we have given out writing and publishing deals starting from just $800, to up to a $5000. All on easy payment plans.

The length of our ebook ghostwriting services depends on numerous factors such as: how long the book is going to be, the expertise needed to write the book, how much research, if any, is required to write the book, and how often and timely can we go back and forth with the author, in the revisions and discussion phases. Typically, a draft takes 2-4 months to write, while a month for publishing.

When your project manager calls you to discuss your entire story, they record it, and then review and listen to that recording with a book writing manager. Based on which an educated decision is made on which of our wordsmith does the author and the story resonated with the most, who we think can do it justice the most, and then forward that recording to that writer for confirmation whether they think they can do it justice or not.

Our customers love us, and we have reviews everywhere:

Our Ghostwriter services reviews on google:

Reviews of our ghostwriters for hire on facebook: Bookwritersandpublishers/reviews

Our best ghostwriting services reviews on Trustpilot:

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Hence, if you're looking to hire a ghostwriter to write your book, we are the factual choice! 🙂 

Our book editing services cover everything and are divided into different approaches as follows:

  1. Proofreading: fix minor spelling and punctuation mistakes, typos, and includes book formatting services.
  2. Line by line editing: more thorough editing, this covers the overall sentence structure, readability and clarity of the content. and
  3. Developmental Editing: Reviews and asses the entire story arc, a more holistic approach to editing, with an approach of perfection. Working to improve the understanding of the content and its intent, and the overall flow of the work, ensuring the content is coherent and perfectly adjusted to the intended target audience, also includes ghostwriter service too. 

Absolutely! We will send you a list of options you can chose the dimensions o the book. Same goes for the fonts, from modern to vintage. You also have the option to choose whether you want colored pages or black and white, as well as the quality and color of the pages of the book, including the interior design style for the book. An as for the book cover, you can not only share your ideas for the design but also chose if you prefer glossy or matte material.

No! Writers of the West have spent years collecting the best writer for each genre from different parts of the world, each best in what they do. We have a diverse network of book writers available for all book genres, offering the best ghostwriter service online.

While cheap ghostwriting services may seem tempting, it's crucial to ensure the quality of the work doesn't suffer in the process.