Ghostwriting service that vows to do justice to your story.

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Book Editing And Formatting Services.

Whether you need proofreading or thorough editing, Formatting or Interior Designing, our editing service vows to do justice to your Story.

Why Choose us for editing your book?

Besides being customer-centric and a top rated book editing and publishing agency for consecutive years, here’s why we are best fit for the job:


Keen focus on adapting the author’s tone and style.

100% ownership and royalties to the author.

Affordable, monthly payment plans (Self-paced program)

Book’s distribution access to all major book stores and libraries.

Publishing with major publishers of every region of the world.

Writers of the West
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Our Book Editing Process.

Our professional book editing services follow a tried and tested process that ensures your story gets the justice it deserves. We are also one of the few yet best book editing companies that work solely on the author’s pace.

Our Best-selling Books:

Our book editors have achieved countless best sellers over the past decade. Be it the price point or the quality of the product, if you’re looking to hire a book editor, we have a solution.

We ensure accuracy and authenticity while editing your book.

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Unlimited Revisions

Our keen focus on adapting to your tone and learning who you are to write how you would write, but only better; is what brings your book a sense of transparency with you and your readers.

Ghostwriters for hire


Work closely with the client throughout the writing process to ensure that their vision is being realized.

Bestselling ghostwriters of Writers of the West

Quality Assurance

Every piece of work is re-analyzed by a expert with years of experience to make sure the final product is top-notch.

Our Book Editing and Formatting Services include:

Unlimited Revisions

Make as many changes as you like, we practice patience!

0% Plagiarism

Original Content guaranteed.

A 24/7 Project Manager

Available to cater to your project’s need.

Weekly Deliveries

We ensure a guarantee on timely deliveries of every draft.

Quality Check

Nothing moves forward without thorough assessment.

Publishing Consultancy

Ask away!

Focused Correspondence

Keen on strong follow ups and rapport building.

Formatting & Interior Design

We create art, and ensure justice on every piece of work.

Our Best Selling Editors.

Our Values.

Buisness build itself when you focus on your customer, and that has been our vision throughout this journey. Writers of the West are confident in there ability to provide a book writing and publishing experience unlike anyone else in the market!


We are the most diverse group you’d find anywhere, and love to work with likewise people who dare to stand out!

Veterans & Seniors

To those who were awake while we were sleep, as well as those who have lived to tell there tale, we are here to tell your stories with extra compassion and financial support!

Young Blood

It often gets hard out there for the young ones, and we focus on giving them an equal opportunity; talent has no age!

What do authors have to say?

In an era where company’s write reviews for themselves, we use real reviews from real people. Writers of the West successfully ranks as one of the top companies for editing, formatting and designing books, and you’re more than welcome to join the team!

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