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This Is The Best Genre To Write a Book Right Now.

So you’re thinking of writing a book.

Let me tell you something you might not know: the most difficult part isn’t even writing.

It’s what happens before you even pick up the pen or your keyboard. It’s the idea, the story and the charac- Wait… you haven’t even decided on the genre yet?

Perhaps, you’re not sure on what is the best book genre to write.

I get it; it’s not easy.

Browsing the many book genres is like finding the key to unlocking the hearts of readers and achieving unparalleled success. 

With a multitude of book genres to choose from, the task can be daunting, leaving you overwhelmed by the possibilities.

This blog will be your compass, guiding you through the hottest book genres of the moment. It will also impart invaluable insights and inspiration to illuminate your path to literary greatness. 

The list is augmentative, meaning that we save the best for last, so make sure to read it till the end!



6. Horror Book Genre: Who doesn’t like to be spooked?


Horror stands as an unrivaled bestselling genre, drawing readers with its profound exploration of human emotions and an unmatched ability to deliver spine-tingling experiences. The genre’s popularity is underscored by remarkable statistics—Stephen King, the renowned “Master of Horror,” has achieved an astounding 350 million global book sales. His iconic novels like “It” and “The Shining” not only boast staggering sales but have also made impactful cinematic transitions, embedding themselves in pop culture. However, King is just one luminary; Anne Rice’s gothic “The Vampire Chronicles” series has enamored over 100 million readers, reshaping the vampire genre, while Clive Barker’s “Hellraiser” series has sold more than 20 million copies, highlighting the genre’s universal appeal.

In essence, horror’s appeal, fortified by luminaries like Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Clive Barker, stems not only from spine-chilling storytelling but also from its reflection of human complexities. By plumbing the depths of fear and the unknown, the genre enriches our comprehension of human nature, solidifying its status as an enduring bestseller.


5. Children’s Books: (Because Children are Awesome.)

Children’s books have always held a special place in the literary realm, casting spells of enchantment upon young minds and nurturing a lifelong love for reading.

In the year 2021 alone, children’s books bewitched the market, generating about $1 billion in sales. However, the market did see a bit of a decline after the pandemic. By the end of 2023, the children’s book market in the US is projected to reach a total of $2.62 billion.

Since most children now have access to other means of learning or entertainment, the need for children’s books has lessened. If you are only goal is to make a profit, maybe wait a couple of years and see what happens or skip to the next book genres in this list. 

Plus, research shows you are more likely to have a bestselling books in this genre rather than any other. Which also means: it’s one of the best money making genre’s if building a passsive income is strictly your goal.

Within the realm of children’s books, a myriad of genres awaits, catering to diverse age groups and interests. Adventure, fantasy, contemporary tales, and realistic fiction adorn the shelves. A rising star, bringing joy not only to young readers but also to their parents.

Seasoned authors like Roald Dahl have mastered the art of crafting imaginative and humor-infused stories, ensuring that laughter dances on the pages and sparks of wonder ignite in the hearts of young readers. 

Note: Young Adults are a great sub category if you are interested.


4. Fiction Genre: Unleashing the Imagination

Fantasy and science fiction genres have long held readers captive, pushing the boundaries of what is conceivable and propelling them into uncharted territories. 

These genres command a significant portion of the fiction market, with fantasy sales alone accounting for a whopping 13% of the total genre sales.

The sales of science fiction books grew by 43% in 2021 which shows a promising future in the market. At a 3.6% CAGR the market is expected to reach $11.81 billion by 2026.

The thing about the fiction genre is that there are no rules. You can write about anything and everything. Your mind is your only true limitation. 

From epic high fantasy sagas to mind-bending true crime and mystery novels, literary fiction offers an expansive canvas for authors to unleash their creativity.

Captivating the hearts of readers across all age groups, young adult fantasy novels have particularly soared in popularity. Iconic best-selling series like “The Hobbit,” “Lord of the Rings,” “hunger Games” or any Agatha Christie David Baldacci and Stephen King Novel, have transcended mere books to become cultural phenomena, enchanting millions of readers worldwide.

3. Religious and Self Help Books: Inspiring Souls, Empowering Lives

In recent years, a clamor for books that inspire personal growth and offer guidance in the labyrinth of life has grown louder. 

Religious and self help books have emerged as the guiding lights, illuminating readers’ paths with profound insights, motivation, and practical advice.

Non-fiction books witnessed a staggering 4.4% increase in sales in 2021, with over 400 million copies finding their way into the hands of eager seekers. It’s estimated that the self-help market might rise to $14 billion by 2025, which indicates a promising future for the genre.

With millions of people looking for guidance, if you’re qualified enough, you can surely hop your way inside the market. Religious books, steeped in faith and spiritual teachings, offer solace, wisdom, and a sense of purpose to those navigating their spiritual journeys, make it one of the best books you can create. 

On the other hand, self-help books empower individuals to conquer challenges, improve themselves, and find fulfilment in their lives.

Bestselling titles like “Think Like a Monk” by Jay Shetty and “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero have struck a resonant chord with readers, igniting flames of inspiration and illuminating the path to a more meaningful existence.

2Crime and Thriller: Unleashing a Suspenseful Symphony

If you possess an insatiable appetite for heart-pounding suspense and intricate plots, the crime and thriller genre is your calling. These books hold readers, hostage, gripping them tightly as they navigate the labyrinth of complex mysteries and unravel thrilling crimes.

In 2021, the crime and thriller genre amassed a staggering $299 million in print book sales. In 2022, the genre held the spot for the second-best most profitable book title on Amazon.

A versatile genre: ranging from psychological thrillers that probe the depths of the human psyche to gripping legal thrillers that keep readers on the edge of their seats. 

Master storytellers like Gillian FlynnLee Child, and the legendary Agatha Christie have captivated audiences with their literary prowess, entangling readers in a web of suspense, deception, and unrelenting curiosity.

If you possess the talent to craft nail-biting narratives and keep readers guessing until the final revelation, the crime and thriller genre beckons you with open arms.

1. Romance Novels: Where Love Conquers All

Ah, the allure of romance! A timeless genre that tugs at the heartstrings of readers, romance reigns supreme, capturing the essence of love in all its passionate glory. With emotionally satisfying and often uplifting endings, romance books continue to enthral readers year after year.

In 2021 alone, romance novels achieved the astonishing feat of generating a jaw-dropping $1.44 billion in sales. The sales rose by a staggering 36% in 2022, and a total of 26 million copies were sold in printed units alone. As of 2023, the growth is recorded at 52%, with over 39 million copies sold. So, if you are looking for the most profitable and best-selling genre, you have your answer.

Within the realm of romance, two subgenres have emerged as perennial favorites: contemporary romance and historical romance. 

Contemporary romance unveils love stories set in the present, while historical romance beckons readers into bygone eras. Whichever subgenre you choose to write on, the market sure is filled with people who want to read.

 Beloved novels like “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes and “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks serve as poignant testaments to the everlasting popularity of contemporary and historical romance, capturing the hearts of readers and cementing their status as timeless classics.

Noteable Candidates: 

Picture books, act as a artistic visual stimulant the soul, and is a noteworthy mention. And then if you really have a vivid imagination, how about a graphic novel? It can be a great choice in creating your own universe. 

Last but not least, are short stories, which though isn’t really recommended, but if the price point is reasonable and the strories are strong, can be a great book genre to get into. 

Then you have non fiction books, like biographies and memoir books, which although offer a great deal of self-reflection, validation, don’t do the best when it comes to book sales primarly because people focus too much on their own story and not what the reader can learn from it. 

You can always look into Writers of the West’s biography and memoir book writing services to learn more.

Discover Your Literary Destiny.

Now that we’ve discussed the best genre to write a book, focus on reflecting on your target audience, explore your own passions and strengths, and immerse yourself in the themes that resonate with your soul. 

Choosing a book genre that sets your heart ablaze makes the creative process an exhilarating journey and infuses your work with unparalleled authenticity. As you venture into this creative realm, consider collaborating with a ghostwriter, especially one skilled in academic endeavors such as a ghostwriter seminararbeit, who can serve as a knowledgeable partner in crafting your manuscript.

So, embrace your pen, set your keyboard ablaze, and embark on your wondrous writing journey. The world eagerly awaits your unique voice, your unparalleled storytelling prowess.

Let the book genre that resonates with your very essence be your guide as you unleash your imagination upon the world. Happy writing, dear writer!

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